The Dental CAM Software Startup

Universal CAM Cloud calculation Subscription-based

Cloud-based software to improve your dental CAM experience: At lower cost. In shorter time. At higher quality.

Best team

We are a team of dental experts.

Strong Capital

Private Equity Investor backing.

Proven calculus

Market leader core software licensed.

Universal CAM

Our CAM software is compatible with most major milling machines.

Cloud calculation

Our servers make your calculations much faster and records never lost.

Better value

No upfront cost of a CAM software, only monthy subscription fees.

A clearly superior quality experience and you save...

Let’s talk about money and how much you save.

Besides CloudCAM being a clearly superior quality experience, you save money vs. a table top CAM software in all use cases.

Investment fee
Annual fee
upgrade fee
Monthly only
Why it is important?

Our dental CAM creates a peace of mind, why go for anything less?

No need to buy stand-alone CAM software, pay a monthly fee instead. Cloud-based server calculation is faster and less hardware resources needed. Learnings from existing CAM software shortcomings. Additional features. One CAM for all milling achines.

Our Team is the best when it comes to CAM software

No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.

Our Team consists of Dental experts, it is not just about software. Dental equipment design. Development. Testing. Mechanical engineering. Dental consumable materials development. Zirconia material science. Dental technician training.

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