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Key to success:


Strong team of dental experts

10+ years of dental equipment design, development and testing.
10+ years of dental consumable materials development.
10+ years of dental CAD/CAM software engineering.
10+ years of management consulting, dental technology focus.

Private Equity Investor backing

Hiventures Private Equity = Professional PE structure while financially backed by the Hungarian State.

Market leader core software licensed

Licensed kernel, post processors and simulation module integrated under the cloudCAM modules.
Cloud-based calculation and web based GUI work with cloudCAM nesting, settings, sets, templates, virtual machines and validations.

Universal CAM

  • Much reduced complexity for labs with more than one type of milling machine.
  • The milling machine would not come with a CAM anymore – software and hardware efficiency improvement of the system.

Cloud calculation

  • Faster in dedicated server than on a lab’s desktop.
  • Keeps record of all calculation, no data loss if desktop crashes in the lab.
  • Better Customer service based on having record of all past history.
  • All other CAM software features are kept as usual, such as inventory management.


  • Shared economy concept is not longer an obstacle.
  • Software stays up to date all the time in the Cloud, no legacy software issues.
  • No upfront cost for CAM software = lower the entry barrier for Digital Dentistry.
  • Monthly ~EUR 100 per milling machine means the desktop CAM software is amortized over many years.
  • Cancel anytime.

The cloudCAM product

Universal CAM — Cloud calculation — Subscription-based


No need to buy stand-alone CAM software, pay a monthly fee instead.

Lower Cost Benefits

Cloud-based server calculation is faster and less hardware resources needed.

Shorter Time Benefits

Learnings from existing CAM software shortcomings.
Additional features.
One CAM for all milling machines.

Higher Quality Benefits

Meet cloudCAM

Strong team of dental experts

Róbert Deák
Róbert Deák
founder- technology specialist
Balázs Fényi
Balázs Fényi
founder - managing director
Tamás Rózsa
Tamás Rózsa
mentor - investor relations
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